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Diddy & Jermaine Dupri Agree To Do a Non-VERZUZ “Hit For Hit” Battle


P Diddy

For quite some time, Diddy and Jermaine Dupri have talked about doing a Bad Boy vs. So So Def musical battle; however, JD told Rory and Mal he didn’t think it would ever happen.
Dupri argued that VERZUZ was performance-based, and Diddy couldn’t perform his music because of all the artists who were either dead (Biggie) or no longer down with him.

“J.D., if you want that smoke, you can get that smoke anytime,” Diddy said, to which Dupri replied, “relax.”

Diddy then reached out to JD again, offering a hit-for-hit battle, but not with VERZUZ because the platform is allegedly being sued for missed payments. JD agreed, but a date and time have yet to be determined…stay tuned.

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