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Judge Mathis Addresses Kanye West’s Latest Views


Judge Mathis

Judge Mathis recently spoke out against Kanye West and said he is degrading the Black race and that Adidas should sever ties with him.
Mathis revealed some of the things Kanye has said that have Judge Mathis speaking out, “The other problem is he spoke on a Black holiday, which I practice, Kwanzaa if you recall, he said ‘F that BS’.”
He continued, “He said slavery was a choice, I think he is offending most of Black America, and so I think it fits into the violation of the morals clause. Because I think it does violate it.”
He added, “I won’t buy any Adidas as long as he is associated with it. I won’t buy anything Kanye West has. I’m not going to give anybody my business that does business with Kanye West.”
He went on to say that Kanye West is degrading Black people and that Adidas should walk away from doing any further business with him.

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