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50 Cent Says He’s Been A Billionaire Since 2007


50 Cent

50 Cent has said that he’s technically been a billionaire since 2007, but that “public perception” made it so he hasn’t been deemed a billionaire.
The G-Unit mogul spoke about public perceptions in an interview with The Enthusiast Podcast, and said he’s been a billionaire for years, but that he’s constantly employing people and shelling out full-blown salaries.
“So when they financially say, ‘Oh you’re a billionaire, this person is a billionaire’, it’s like, ‘I’ve been a billionaire since 2007. I’m that far from where I came from that I’ve been a billionaire financially because everybody around me is being paid,” 50 Cent said. “Resources that I compensate for people to be there and I really don’t see things that I want that I can’t go get it.”
50 Cent has financially rebounded in a massive way since declaring bankruptcy back in 2015, mostly thanks to his ongoing TV empire and Sire Spirits collection, which in the past year has struck massive deals.

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