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Fergie Speaks Out On National Anthem Performance

Fergie speaks out on National Anthem Performance.  Yes Fergie’s slowed down performance of the National Anthem did not go well for her at the All Star Game, so much that she has issued an apology.  She said she honestly tried her best.  It’s something we all may have done before and didn’t work out. Read… Read more »

Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish Next Project Is With Tracy Morgan

Tiffany Haddish next project is with Tracy Morgan.  Since Girl’s Trip Tiffany Haddish’s career has been on fire.  She’s done Saturday Night Live, Announced the nominees for the upcoming Academy Awards, written a book, and now she will star on the small screen with fellow comedian Tracy Morgan.  Coming to TBS The Last OG centers… Read more »

Jay Z

Jay Z Pays $91,000 Bar Tab

Jay Z Pays $91,000 Bar Tab.  Must be nice.  I’m always intrigued how the rich and famous spend their money and this is  one way it is done.  The bar tab actually came to around $80,000 but there was an $11,000 tip.  I would love to receive a tip like that.  Click below to see… Read more »


Jamie Foxx Ends Interview When Asked About Katie Holmes

Jamie Foxx ends interview when asked about Katie Holmes.  All Star Weekend and everything was going well with Jamie Foxx during his ESPN interview as long as they were talking about sports.  The minute ESPN host Michael Smith brought up Katie Holmes to Jamie he simply got up and walked away.  I guess he means… Read more »


Omarosa Says She NEVER Slept With Donald Trump

Omarosa says she never slept with Donald Trump.  Really??  Yes Omarosa says she never slept with Donald Trump…This woman will do and say anything to generate television ratings.  Of course the rumors were out there about them sleeping with Donald Trump but she is denying them.  She did hint that someone is sleeping around in… Read more »

Jill Scott

Jill Scott Hit With Restraining Order By Ex Husband

Jill Scott hit with restraining order by ex husband. Hot mess is what this is turning out to be.  First Jill Scott got a restraining order against her ex Mike Dobson, and now he has a restraining order against her.  He also wants half of her assets and another $500,000 for pain and suffering.  I… Read more »


Viola Davis to Hollywood: Pay Me What I’m Worth

Viola Davis to Hollywood: Pay me what I’m worth.   Viola Davis wants to be paid what’s she’s worth and is letting it be known that she deserves to be paid that Meryl Streep money.  She sat down to be interviewed by famed journalist Tina Brown and opened up about how she felt about being… Read more »


Kanye West Settles 10M Saint Pablo Tour Lawsuit

Kanye West settles 10M Saint Pablo Tour Lawsuit.  Kanye West has settled his lawsuit against Lloyd’s of London which refused to pay his 10 million insurance policy after he experienced a mental breakdown and cancelled several Saint Pablo Tour dates.  They tried to say that Kanye was on drugs and did not have a mental… Read more »


Marvel Studios Teasing a Black Panther Sequel

Marvel Studios teasing a Black Panther Sequel.  No surprise here but with the success of a movie that is being released today it’s no wonder a sequel is already being talked about.  Never have I seen a movie that has been so successful “before” it has been released.  I’m excited to see Black Panther and… Read more »


Drake Surprises Maid With Shopping Spree

Drake surprises maid with shopping spree.  Drake has really been in a giving mood lately and it’s nice to see some well deserving people benefit from it.  He has given over $200,000 away so far and now he treated a hotel maid who has a 4 hour commute to get to work to a $10,000… Read more »