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Producer Reacts To Jada Pinkett Criticism

I have not had a chance to see “All Eyez On Me” the movie on the life of Tupac Shakur. I really want to see it and will make time to do so this week. This movie has be plagued with controversy and criticism.  Jada Pinkett Smith has expressed her disappointment on how she is portrayed in… Read more »

Actor Hill Harper Adopts A Son

This the weekend to celebrate fathers and a story like this one warms my heart.  Actor Hill Harper (CSI New York) has adopted a son!  Why is this so wonderful?  Because Hill Harper is single, 50 years old, and stepped out on faith to adopt his child!  Children need love, support, protection, and Hill Harper… Read more »

First Look At Tupac Shakur Movie (Watch)

Well now that “Straight Outta Compton” is a hit movie, now we have to see what’s up with the upcoming movie “All Eyez On Me” The Tupac Shakur Story… Here’s a quick peak of the trailer