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Oprah’s Book Club Starts a New Chapter With Apple

Oprah’s Book Club Starts a New Chapter With Apple Apple and Oprah Winfrey announced Oprah’s Book Club will partner with Apple. The first book is “The Water Dancer” by Ta-Nehisi Coates. The Water Dancer is available now for pre-order on Apple Books in both ebook and audiobook format. Oprah will interview the author for the… Read more »

Dr. Dre

Apple Reportedly Pulls Dr. Dre. Biopic

Apple Reportedly pulls Dr. Dre Biopic.  Reports are coming out saying that Apple is pulling back on the Dr. Dre. movie because it is to graphic.  How can the life of Dr. Dre. not be graphic?  They had to know that before they decided to back this project.  There are a lot of scenes in… Read more »


Apple Issues iPhone 8 Recall

Apple issued a recall at the end of August saying some iPhone 8’s were experiencing frozen screens, restarting on its own or won’t turn on at all. Apple will repair eligible phones free of charge. To find out if your phone is eligible go to This does not include iPhone 8 Plus phones Are… Read more »

Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre and Apple Ordered to Pay Former Partner $25M

Dr. Dre and apple ordered to pay former partner $25M.  What??  Yes they were defiant and now Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and Apple have to pay former business partner Steven Lamar $25 million dollars for what his lawyers say were his contributions to creating Beats Studio3 Headphones.  This law suit has been going on for… Read more »

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Apple Gives Discounts For Slowing I Phones

Apple gives discounts for slowing I Phones.  Apple apologized for slowing down older I Phones and is offering us users $29.00 batteries for a year.  This is a good deal because battery replacement is usually $79.00 so this is a $50.00 discount.  This deal is only for those who have the I Phone 6 or… Read more »