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Mr. Obama Returning to Politics

Mr. Obama returning to politics.  I just wish he could be President again, but at least he will get out and campaign for others.  For the last year former President Barack Obama has worked under the radar but now it is being reported that he will be returning to the political stage as he campaigns… Read more »


Obama’s Not Invited To The Royal Wedding?

Obama’s not invited to the Royal Wedding?  Really…According to The Daily Mail UK, Former President and Michelle Obama who has a warm friendship with Prince Harry will not be invited to the Royal Wedding because the Foreign Office is nervous about upsetting Donald Trump, who has not made a official trip to London.  The man… Read more »


The Obama’s Will Be Invited To Royal Wedding

The Obama’s will be invited to the Royal Wedding.  People were wondering whether Barack and Michelle Obama would be invited to the upcoming Royal Wedding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. President Obama and Prince Harry have become close over the last 3 years, and it would seem to be a no brainer to invite them… Read more »

President Obama

President Obama Get Serenaded

President Obama Gets Serenaded.  Yes Mr. Obama went to Hawaii for the holidays, his  first time there since leaving the Presidency and people were sure glad to see him.  So much they serenaded him with Christmas Carols.  The group the Windward Sister’s heard The Obama’s were in town, they went to the estate where the Obama’s… Read more »


Oprah Talks About Vacation With Obama’s

Talk about a better than great vacation.  Imagine being on a yacht with Oprah, former President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita and more famous people.  I would love to know what they talked about.  According to Oprah, what happens on the boat, stays on the boat, but she did share… Read more »

Obama White House Comedy Movie In The Works

Yes we miss Former President Obama, and now a movie connected to his administration is in the works.  Actually, the movie is about a young women who is at a all time career low, and through a twist of fate, lands a job at the White House.  She’s a fish out of water and has… Read more »


Obamas Asks Americans For Help With New Library

Barack and Michelle Obama are no longer in the White House, and yes we are all very sad to see them go, but they already working on their next project, The Presidential Library in Chicago and they are asking us Americans to help shape it!  Don’t you just love them…They are asking us to share… Read more »