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Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade Buy Villa for $5.9 M

Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade buy Villa for $5.9 Million.  Now wonder she’s been working so much. lol  No I’m not sure if this is the reason but I did remember thinking Gabrielle Union has been working a lot.  But I say if you got it flaunt it.  This Villa has 5 Bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, a… Read more »

Morris Chestnut

Morris Chestnut Joins Being Mary Jane Movie Finale

Morris Chestnut joins Being Mary Jane Movie Finale.  I really love that show and was very disappointed when I heard it was not coming back.  No Closure…Shortly after that we found out a 2 hour movie finale was happening which would give us some closure for the show.  I loved seeing the behind the scenes… Read more »

Gabrielle Union’s BET Lawsuit Defended By Hollywood Union

At first when “Being Mary Jane” first came on BET, I was not that impressed.  What it really was I didn’t want to get attached to another good show since I already had Scandal, Empire, Law and Order, and a few others under my belt. Then everyone started talking about how good this show was,… Read more »