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Blac Chyna’s Ex Employee Says She’s Doing Drugs

Blac Chyna’s ex employees says she’s doing drugs.   OMG this is exclusively being reported on saying that one of Blac Chyna’s former employees has come forward saying she is drinking and doing drugs and badly needs help.  Jamal Terrence her former marketing strategist recently went on Instagram saying, Blac Chyna’s reality show should be… Read more »

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Blac Chyna Endorsing Skin Lightening Cream

Blac Chyna endorsing skin lightening cream.  Looks like Blac Chyna has found herself a new hustle. That hustle is a $250 a jar skin lightening cream. She has partnered up with Whitenicious by Denetia for “Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating & Lightening Cream.” The cream is being pushed to men and women of all… Read more »

Blac Chyna loses lawsuit to Kardashians

Blac Chyna Loses Lawsuit to Kardashians

Blac Chyna loses lawsuit to Kardashians.  Yes a judge has ruled in favor of the Kardashians for her E Reality Show Rob and Chyna getting canceled. When first heard about this lawsuit, I didn’t think she would win, not because the Kardashians are a powerful family, but because her suit wasn’t strong.   Read what… Read more »

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Blac Chyna Pregnant?

Blac Chyna Pregnant?  According to Page 6 yes Blac Chyna is pregnant by her 18 year old boyfriend rapper YBN Almighty Jay.  They say they met on Christian Mingle and YBN Almighty Jay said in a earlier interview, if Chyna got pregnant while they were together, he would welcome the baby with open arms.  It… Read more »


Blac Chyna’s Mom’s Lawsuit Dismissed Against Wendy Williams

Blac Chyna’s mom’s lawsuit dismissed against Wendy Williams dismissed.   I remember when Blac Chyna and her mom were subjects of discussion on the Wendy Williams Show.  Blac had a few choice words for Wendy and went on about her business while her mother Tokyo Toni decided to sue Wendy for 1 million dollars for… Read more »

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Blac Chyna Loses Major Paycheck Over Stroller Brawl

Blac Chyna loses major paycheck over stroller brawl.  Uh oh… The stroller incident with Blac Chyna is now going to cost her money.  According to a stroller company called Momiie was set to hire Blac Chyna as a brand ambassador for their strollers and now has said never mind to that deal.  After the… Read more »

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Blac Chyna Stroller Fight Victim Speaks Out

Blac Chyna Stroller Fight Victim Speaks Out.  Uh Oh…This stroller fight situation with Blac Chyna is about to get ugly.   Sunday Blac was at Six Flags with her daughter Dream and her boyfriend YBN Alightyt  Jay when a young lady saw Dream in a stroller with her Nanny. She says she went over and… Read more »

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Blac Chyna Gets Into Fight at Six Flags

Blac Chyna gets into fight at Six Flags…  Blac Chyna had her drama for the Easter Holiday Weekend.  Someone upset Blac Chyna at Six Flags and she went into fight mode.  So much so that she even grabbed a stroller to use a weapon.  No word on who or why but you can click below… Read more »

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Blac Chyna’s and Tyga’s 5 Year Old Sued For Not Paying Rent

Blac Chyna and Tyga’s son sued for not paying rent.  What?? Yes his dad Tyga is being sued but 5 year old King??  What happened??  Well Tyga was renting a $40,000 a month home from Simon Cowell’s ex in Beverly Hills and everything was fine until he stopped paying rent.  Then the drama begun and… Read more »

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Blac Chyna Wants 7 Figures From Rob In Porn Case

Blac Chyna wants 7 figures from Rob in porn case.   Yep according to Blac who will already be getting $20,000 a month in child support, and she now wants her payday for Rob posting those pictures of her online when he went on a rant a few months ago.  Sources say she also… Read more »