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Top Black Friday Deals Online

Top Black Friday Deals Online.  So I had my first black Friday experience last year with my friends who go every year right after Thanksgiving dinner.  I must say it was alright.  I needed a 32 inch television and I was happy to get one for $99.o0.  This year not wanting to stand in long… Read more »

Black Friday – Have a Plan and Stick To It

Black Friday Shopping – Have a plan and stick to it.  It’s finally here!  Whether you shop online, or go fight it out in the stores, experts say having a plan in place will save you time and money.  I had my first pre-black Friday experience yesterday after Thanksgiving dinner, and I must say it… Read more »

Black Friday Is Here!

Ok I am not a Black Friday Shopper, but if you are, you are looking for deals click below and see if the deal you are looking for is here.  (There are some good ones) Click Here