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T.I. To Lil Wayne: Stop Disrespecting Yourself

T.I. has some powerful words for Lil Wayne after Lil Wayne’s remarks regarding “Black Lives Matter”.  Lil Wayne got a lot of flack for his remarks during a recent interview which is the reason T.I. wrote a open letter to Lil Wayne telling him to stop the buffoonery and cooning, come down from your bubble,… Read more »

Dallas Police Officer Files Lawsuit Against Black Lives Matter

Oh boy…It looks like things are about to get worse before it’s get’s better.  Sergeant Demetrick Pennie President of the Dallas Fallen Officer’s Foundation filed a complaint on Friday and not only were the Black Lives Matter movement named in the lawsuit, but Rev. Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakan, The New Black Panther Movement, but President Obama is… Read more »