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Robin Thicke

Final Decision to Blurred Lines is Made

Final Decision to Blurred Lines is made.  A final judgement of nearly $5 million has been made against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams and in favor of Marvin Gaye’s family in their long time copyright infringement case for the song “Blurred Lines.” According to the new amended judgement, Thicke, Williams, and Williams’ publishing company are… Read more »

Paula Patton

Paula Patton Says Robin Thicke Altered Documents

This is getting messier by the minute.  Paula Patton is now accusing Robin Thicke of altering court documents specifying custodial timeshare of their child Julian.  I used to think that Paula and Robin were one of those couples who would make it in Hollywood, but that didn’t happen, and if this mess keeps up the only… Read more »

Marvin Gaye’s Ex Wife Shares The Story Behind Blurred Lines Lawsuit

Look at the take from Marvin Gaye’s family. The lawsuit over “Blurred Lines,” which pitted Marvin Gaye’s family against the song’s hitmakers, was highly publicized, but according to Marvin’s ex-wife Jan Gaye, few people truly understand the real reason her family went to trial. In a HuffPost Live conversation about her new book, After The… Read more »

Marvin Gaye’s Sister’s: We Don’t Get a Dime of Blurred Lines

  *Marvin Gaye‘s sisters are pissed at their brother’s ex-wife Jan, claiming they are being cut out of the $7.3 million she and the Gaye children won in their suit over the hit, “Blurred Lines.” According to the Daily Mail, Gaye’s sister Zeola, 69, says that she and sister Jeanne, 78, are living modestly in… Read more »