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Did Sex Parties Lead To Evelyn Lozada Break Up?

Did sex parties lead to Evelyn Lozada and husband breaking up?   I don’t know how true this is but according to the website some real hanky panky was going on.  First Evelyn’s reps were saying they ended their engagement because of Carl’s cheating ways.  Now reports are surfacing that Carl was notorious for throwing… Read more »

Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada’s Engagement Is Off Says She Will Keep The Ring

Evelyn Lozada’s engagement is off and says she will keep the ring.  What??  They have been engaged since 2014 and have a young son together and sources say the wedding was supposed to take place 3 weeks ago.  What happened?  Well it looks like Carl may have gotten cold feet, and Evelyn is said to have… Read more »