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Omarosa Allegedly Has Secret Recordings of Trump

Omarosa allegedly has secret recordings of Trump.  I’m not surprised that she has the recording’s.  I’m surprised that she got away with it.  It just goes to show you how security laxed they were in the White House.  Sources are saying that What House workers have them and are calling them the Omarosa tapes.  This… Read more »


Omarosa Getting A Talk Show?

Omarosa getting a talk show?  It looks that way.  According to the offers have been rolling in for Omarosa since leaving her position at the White House.  It was announced she will be appearing on Celebrity Big Brother which also included a syndicated talk show.  Will you be watching? Read here

Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes Over Celebrity Apprentice

What!!!  Arnold Schwarzenegger taking over hosting Celebrity Apprentice?  It’s Arnold will be taking over from Donald Trump as he continue his run for President.   How does The Donald feel about this??  Read Below… Read Here