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Nike Selling Out Since Colin Kaepernick Ad

Nike’s gamble continues to pay off for them in a big way. Nike has now sold 61% more merchandise since the Colin Kaepernick ad came out. Research shows that Nike has sold more merchandise between September 3 and September 13 than in the 10 days before the ad came out. Nike’s shares have rebounded after… Read more »


Watch: Colin Kaepernick Nike Commerical

Watch: Colin Kaepernick Nike Commercial.  If you are not inspired after watching this commercial, there is no inspiration to be had.  Colin Kaepernick’s words and images are explosive in this commercial!  Serena Williams and Lebron James in it too!

Colin Kaepernick and Ava DuVernay Team Up For Comedy TV Show

Colin Kaepernick and Ava DuVernay team up for comedy TV show.  Wow I didn’t see this one coming, but I like it so far.  Get this…According to thatgrapejuice,net Ava and Colin are collaborating on a television show together about his life growing up as a teenager.  I think it’s great.  If they won’t employ him… Read more »


T.O. Says He Is Blackballed From NFL Like Kaepernick

T.O. says he is blackballed for NFL like Kaepernick.  You know T.O. has never been quiet when he has something to say, whether you agree with him or not.  Now he saying that he and Colin Kaepernick have something in common when it comes to their careers.  He says the two of them are being… Read more »


NFL Says Players Must Stand During National Anthem

NFL says players must stand during the National Anthem. What started as one man (Colin Kaepernick) got on his knee during the National Anthem to protest the treatment of African American’s by the police.  Other athletes have taken a stand as well, and a lot of people feel it’s being disrespectful.  Well the NFL has issued… Read more »

Jay Z

Jay Z Dedicates Song To Colin Kaepernick

Jay Z dedicates song to Colin Kaepernick.   Yes at his recent concert in New York City Jay Z gave love to the quarterback who has had a hard time getting signed to a team because of his decision to sit and kneel during the National Anthem last season to protest police brutality.  He stood… Read more »