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Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry to Receive Hollywood Star on Oct. 1st

Tyler Perry to receive Hollywood Star on Oct. 1st.  Now this is good news! Tyler Perry has been so many things to so many people that it’s nice to see him being honored by getting his well deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I know Madea will love it!  Because Tyler Perry is… Read more »

Willie D

Willie D of the Geto Boys is Running for Houston City Council

Willie D of the Geto Boys Is Running for Houston City Council William James Dennis-aka Willie D of the Geto Boys is running for City Council in District B in his hometown of Houston. He made the announcement on Instagram, what’s better than one Geto Boy running for City Council? This is my next step in… Read more »


Thailand Cave Rescue to Become Hollywood Movie

Thailand cave rescue to become Hollywood movie.  I expected this to happen, but this soon?  Only a few days later after the rescue?  Well it looks that way because faith based production house “Pure Fix” has announced that they will be making a movie on the events that unfolded in Thailand about the 12 boys… Read more »