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Dak Prescott’s Dad Arrested for Weed

Dak Prescott’s dad arrested for weed. Yes, Dak’s daddy was arrested while driving down hwy.87 near Houston.  He was pulled over for a traffic violation when the officer’s discovered the less than 2 grams of weed. Now Dak’ dad is 57 years old and at the age isn’t it time to stop smoking weed? I… Read more »


Pacman Jones Gives Airport Employee a Beat Down

Pacman Jones gives airport employee a beat down.  This time it wasn’t his fault.  The incident happened at the Atlanta airport, and a airport employee and Pacman got into a altercation and the employee hit Pacman first and the rest is history.  I think it is wise to say don’t mess with Adam Pacman Jones. … Read more »

Ezekiel Ellicott

Ezekiel Ellicott In Altercation At Dallas Bar

Ezekiel Ellicott involved in altercation at Dallas Bar.  That’s according to TMZ.  What had happened was…a man began arguing with a women in Ezekiel’s party.  The source says Ezekiel got involved and punched the man.  Ouch I know that had to hurt.  The man was also supposedly intoxicated when everything happened. Read More Here

Season Opener Today For The Cowboys And The Giants

Well today is the day!   Season opener for the Dallas Cowboys 3:25 PM today at Arlington Stadium!  No Tony Romo, in the starting line up, but Dak Prescott will be in the mix.  Let’s hope he has the same success he had in pre-season.  The New York Giants are in the house, and all I can… Read more »

Is This It For Tony Romo?

Yesterday’s football game was painful to watch.  Losing Tony Romo  again to the same collarbone injury he suffered in week two was too much.   I was enjoying Thanksgiving day dinner with my family and friends and even the most die hard Cowboy fans in the house had to leave the room when Tony got hit. Will he… Read more »