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Amber Guyger

Amber Guyger Indicted on Murder Charge for Botham Jean Killing

Amber Guyger Indicted on murder charge for Botham Jean killing.  Officer Guyger was arrested on September 9th on Manslaughter charges, which did not sit well with a lot of folks.  Now those charges have been upgraded to murder.  Click below to see how this tragedy began, and how we ended up here. Read here

Dallas Cop

Dallas Cop shot victim will be Charged

Dallas cop who shot victim will be charged.  I still can’t believe.  This is all over the national news and still so few answers.  All we is a cop says she walked into the wrong apartment and shot the man who was in the apartment.  It was HIS apartment!!!   Now the police say they… Read more »

Dallas Police Arrest Women Who Shot Pediatric Dentist

  OMG!  They have arrested a young lady in the execution style killing of 35 year old Kendra Hatcher the Pediatric Dentist, in a killing that shocked us all.  Crystal Cortez was arrested and is being held on $250,000.  You are going to be surprised on how this is going down.  Please click below to… Read more »