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Terrell Owens Joins Dancing With The Stars

Terrell Owens Joins Dancing With The Stars.  Yep Mr. T.O. will join the cast of Dancing with the Stars when it returns to the airwaves for the 25th season.  Now I know I will watch!  Say what you want about T.O. but not only is he a champion football player but a celebrity with charisma… Read more »

Simone Biles On Dancing With The Stars

Simone Biles is coming to Dancing with the Stars!  She is a champion and certainly knows how to compete like one.  Dancing with the Stars will return on March 20th, so let the dancing begin!  I know I will be cheering for Miss Simone.  She is so adorable and has wanted to compete on Dancing… Read more »

Usher Cast On Dancing With The Stars

It’s on now…according to Usher has been cast for next season’s “Dancing With The Stars” season 24.  The producers want to keep it a secret but it looks like the cat is out of the bag.  All I know is I will be tuning in to see Usher make his moves.  It seems like… Read more »


Kim Zolciak Kicked Off Dancing With The Stars

Well she got what she wanted…I think.  Kim Zolciak got kicked off Dancing With The Stars!  Sometimes all that glitters ain’t gold.  If you want to get on Dancing With The Stars, you need to know that the pace is grueling.  Rehearsals can be 8 hours a day, and you get blisters, lots of soreness and… Read more »