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Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Ex and Son into Get Into Fight

Wendy Williams ex and her son get into fight.  Whew…This has been a crazy week and it’s only Wednesday.  According to Lovebscott, Wendy’s soon to be ex husband Kevin Hunter got into a fight and the cops had to be called.  What??  I know they have been under a tremendous amount of stress since Wendy… Read more »

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Files For Divorce

Wendy Williams files for divorce.   I think we seen this one coming. According to Page 6  if all of the rumors are true about how her husband Kevin Hunter treated her are true, then you go girl.  We have heard over and over he has a mistress and I think the straw the broke… Read more »


Usher Files for Divorce

Usher files for divorce.  Usher and his wife, Grace Miguel have officially filed for divorce. In a joint statement they said, after much thought and consideration we have mutually decided to separate as a couple. We remain deeply connected, loving friends. The couple had no children together. This is the second divorce for Usher who… Read more »

Paula Patton

Paula Patton’s Boyfriends Wife Files For Divorce

Paula Patton’s Boyfriends Wife Files For Divorce.   It looks like Paula Patton can have her new man full time now.  Her new boyfriend Realtor Zachary Quittman who is married, may not be that way much longer because his wife Mia has filed for divorce.  After the way they flaunted their relationship in the press,… Read more »


Usher’s Wife Grace Has Filed For Divorce

Usher’s wife Grace has filed for divorce.    We knew this was coming.  Usher’s wife Grace Miguel has filed for a divorce.  The two have been separated since March and now Grace has taken the next step in that union.  My take is the Herpes scandal is what put the nail in the coffin, even… Read more »

Jill Scott

Jill Scott Divorce Getting Messy

Jill Scott divorce getting messy  Do we have another Kendu on our hands?   While a lot of people will be celebrating Valentine’s Day weekend doing romantic things, Jill and her ex will be heading to court on February 15th to go about ending their marriage.  Her ex husband Mike Dobson is asking for half… Read more »

Nick Cannon Won’t Sign Divorce Papers For Mariah

What Nick Cannon won’t sign the divorce paper’s with Mariah Carey?  That’s what the reports are saying.  Why??  It has to only be one thing.  MONEY!!  ( I’m just saying) …why else wouldn’t he sign the papers?? They both seem to have moved on in their personal lives, so money and other assets have to… Read more »