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Tisha Campbell

Tisha Campbell Divorce Getting Messy

Tisha Campbell divorce getting messy.  I never saw this one coming.  I always thought Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin had one of those secure Hollywood marriages.  They are the one’s who introduced Will and Jada for heavens sake.  They recently announced they are getting a divorce and now their divorce is getting messy.  Tisha is… Read more »

Jill Scott

Jill Scott Denies Keeping Ex Husband’s Belonging’s

Jill Scott denies keeping ex husband’s belonging’s.  Uh oh…I thought this mess between Jill Scott and her ex husband Michael Dobson was over.  Apparently not…Michael Dobson went to a judge saying Jill would not return his things including a Prince Purple rain album (really)  She says she tried to return his things and could not… Read more »

Billy Bush

Billy Bush’s Wife Files for Divorce

Billy Bush’s wife files for divorce.  They’ve been separated for almost a year, and now Billy Bush’s wife Sydney Davis is filing for divorce.  . The breakup came one year after “Access Hollywood” audio was infamously leaked of Bush, 46, laughing at Donald Trump’s “Grab em by the p—y” commentary, which cost Bush his multimillion-dollar… Read more »

Paula Patton

Paula Patton’s Boyfriends Wife Files For Divorce

Paula Patton’s Boyfriends Wife Files For Divorce.   It looks like Paula Patton can have her new man full time now.  Her new boyfriend Realtor Zachary Quittman who is married, may not be that way much longer because his wife Mia has filed for divorce.  After the way they flaunted their relationship in the press,… Read more »


Keisha Knight Pulliam Wins Custody and Divorce

Keisha Knight Pulliam wins custody and divorce.  I know she is relieved.  Keisha Knight Pulliam has won custody of her daughter Ella Grace and a divorce from Ed Hartwell.  She will get primary custody, while Ed will get visitation rights.  Ed will have to pay $3000. a month in child support.  It looks like Ed… Read more »


What?? Tamar Braxton Renting Mansion for $85,000 a Month

What?? Tamar Braxton renting mansion for $85,000 a month.  That’s a whole lot of money to rent a mansion.  Tamar and Vince tried to sell this mansion in October of last year for $15 million, but no one bit the bait.  Now with liens piling up, the couple want to lease the property which has… Read more »


Usher’s Wife Grace Has Filed For Divorce

Usher’s wife Grace has filed for divorce.    We knew this was coming.  Usher’s wife Grace Miguel has filed for a divorce.  The two have been separated since March and now Grace has taken the next step in that union.  My take is the Herpes scandal is what put the nail in the coffin, even… Read more »


SWV’s Coko Getting Divorce After 15 Year Marriage

SWV’s Coko getting divorce after 15 years of marriage.  Yep another celebrity marriage is coming to an end.  Coko who has been married to musician Mike Clemmons for 15 and they have one son Jaylon Clemmons.  Coko claims there was no drama, they fell out of love with other.  She will be in town performing… Read more »

Jill Scott

Jill Scott: Nothing Will Stop Me From Believing In Love

Jill Scott: Nothing will ever stop me from believing in love.  My girl Jilly from Philly Jill Scott says she still believes in the power of love.  Her first divorce was in 2007, and after that she broke up with her baby daddy, and now Jill is getting divorced from her current husband Mike Dobson… Read more »

Jill Scott

Jill Scott Divorce Getting Messy

Jill Scott divorce getting messy  Do we have another Kendu on our hands?   While a lot of people will be celebrating Valentine’s Day weekend doing romantic things, Jill and her ex will be heading to court on February 15th to go about ending their marriage.  Her ex husband Mike Dobson is asking for half… Read more »