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Pooch Hall

Pooch Hall Reaches Plea Deal

Pooch Hall reaches plea deal in DUI child abuse case.  Do you remember when Pooch Hall was arrested for a DUI after he crashed his car with his 2 year old child on his lap?  I’m sure it has not been an easy time for Pooch, but it looks like a plea deal has been… Read more »

Pooch Hall

Actor Pooch Hall Arrested For Drunk Driving

Actor Pooch Hall arrested for drunk driving.   Noooo say it ain’t so!  He was arrested for a DUI and witnesses say he was drunk!  But the real clincher is he had his 2 year old son in the car with him and the little boy was not in his car seat but behind the… Read more »


Tiger Woods Arrested On DUI

Uh Oh.  It s the Memorial Day Weekend and you know there is more drinking and partying going on than normal.  Well that looks like that is the case with Tiger Woods who was pulled over and charged with suspicion of DUI, and was arrested and taken to Palm Beach County Jail. Read More Here