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STD Claims Against Usher to be Tried in Los Angeles

STD claims against Usher to be tried in Los Angeles.  Wow, just when seem to things quiet down for Usher, they seem to get loud again.  The three plaintiffs in the herpes lawsuit against Usher are going forward with their lawsuits.  All three plaintiffs are suing Usher for sexual battery, fraud, and emotional distress and… Read more »

R Kelly

Dallas Woman Gives Evidence To Police on R Kelly

Dallas woman gives evidence to police on R Kelly.  Oh boy…you may have seen on the news here in Dallas Ft. Worth yesterday that a woman has hired a lawyer, (attorney Lee Merritt) to represent her in the matter involving R Kelly.  The young woman who wants to remain anonymous is claiming that R Kelly… Read more »

Usher faces a new herpes lawsuit

Usher Faces A New Herpes Lawsuit

Usher faces a new herpes lawsuit.  Earlier this week the news broke that Usher has herpes. revealed that Usher paid a woman 1.1 million dollars who he had sex with and admitted he passed on the virus to her.  Now another woman has come forward and saying that she too had sex with Usher… Read more »