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Ice-T Joins Criticism of ‘New Jack City’s Sequel

Ice-T Joins Criticism of ‘New Jack City’ Sequel Ice-T is not here for a New Jack City sequel. He said that he is not involved in the project. and that they just need to leave well enough alone.  He says he doesn’t want another Super Fly fiasco.  Remember the remake of Super Fly was not… Read more »


Ice -T Says He Almost Shot Delivery Guy

Ice- T says he almost shot delivery guy.  Yes Ice- T has a message for Amazon.  He says he almost shot a delivery creeping up to his home.  The guy turned out to be a delivery man, but Ice-T says he almost shot him because  because the guy did not have a uniform on.  Ice… Read more »

Ice T Snags New Television Show “Ice Cold Murder”

Ice T has a new television show.  He will host, and executive produce a new series titled “Ice Cold Murder”. The show exposes shocking true stories about sex, drugs and murder.  The dark side of lust, greed, and yes death. Read More Here

Ice T And CoCo Selling New Jersey Mansion (Pictures)

Just because you have money doesn’t mean you don’t down size.  That’s what Ice T and his wife Co Co are doing.  They are selling their New Jersey Mansion for $1.1 Million.  Their reality show is gone, the talk show didn’t work out, and now they selling the mansion. Check out the pictures

Ice T and Coco Give Birth To Baby Girl

Ice T and Coco just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  What a great Christmas present!  The holiday’s can be emotional, sometimes losing a loved one, but when the opportunity comes when you can welcome a new edition to your family, it can be a wonderful blessing. Congratulations Ice and Coco! See the baby… Read more »

Ice T- Says Kanye’s Fashion’s Look Like Slave Gear

We can always count on Ice-T to keep it real even when he is blasting Kanye West. Kanye West did this big last minute Fashion Show during Fashion Week to show off his new fashion line, and Ice-T tweeted that his clothes looks like Slave Gear, and I have to agree. This stuff looks like… Read more »

Ice T and Coco Land Their Own Daytime Talk Show

Ice-T and Coco will soon officially be able to add talk show hosts to their resumes. I wonder how this is gonna turn out… The reality stars have landed their own daytime talk show from Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution, which will air across FOX stations as a three-week daily test run beginning this summer…. Read more »