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Jennifer’s Hudson’s Ex Cleared Of Domestic Abuse

Jennifer’s Hudson’s Ex Cleared of Domestic Abuse.  Yes her now ex David Otunga will not be charged for an alleged domestic violence incident.  What had happened was…Jennifer filed a temporary restraining order against David (who is the primary care taker of their son) claiming he grabbed her son by the hand and shoved her out… Read more »


Wellness Tips for 2018

Wellness tips for 2018.   Now that the holiday’s are officially over it’s time to start putting things into motion.  First for me is eating better and getting back into the gym (My resolution every year lol). I found these wellness tips in US Weekly from Jennifer Hudson’s trainer and wellness expert Liz Josefsberg has… Read more »

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Jennifer Hudson and Her Ex Split Is Getting Messy

Jennifer Hudson and her ex split is getting messy.   Yes after being together for many years and never getting married, they are now separated and with David Otunga being the primary caregiver of their 8 year old son (so cute) now they are both accusing each other of defying a judges gag order he… Read more »

Why Tina Lawson Apologized To Jennifer Hudson

This is another reason why I admire Tina Lawson.  Being woman enough to take responsibility for making a mistake on social media when she accidently liked something that was throwing shade at Jennifer Hudson.  She went on to say that her children had warned her to be careful on social media since she is not… Read more »