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Mary J Blige

Mary J Blige Not Taking Care of Any More Men

Mary J Blige not taking care of any more men.  I hear you Mary.  Mary says she is done taking care of men after her divorce with Kendu Issacs where she had to pay him $30,000 a month.  she says she wants (and deserves) a man who has his own money. Read here

Mary J Blige

Mary J Blige is Dating a African Prince

Mary J Blige is dating a African Prince.  Mary J Blige skipped the Grammys to accompany her new boyfriend, an African prince to the BAFTAs. Although the identity of the man is unknown, what is known is that the couple traveled with his security and in his bulletproof Mercedes Benz. Blige left the BAFTAs: Vogue… Read more »

Kendu Isaacs

Kendu Isaacs Blames Divorce For Hospitalization

Kendu Isaacs blames divorce for hospitalization.  Kendu needs to go somewhere and sit down.  According to  he is claiming the stress from his divorce to Mary J sent him to the hospital.  He’s says he is unemployable and can’t pay his rent without Mary’s money.  Really Kendu??  He’s getting $30,000 a month and wants… Read more »

Mary J Says Divorce Is Hell

Mary J Says Divorce Is Hell

Mary J Says Divorce Is Hell.  Mary j was speaking her truth at the Essence Music Festival.  She says divorce is hell, she said that when she met Kendu years ago, she really thought she found the love of her life.  I’ve been divorced and I know first hand how hard it can be.  Someone… Read more »

Mary J’s Ex Kendu Isaacs Finally Speaks Out (Sort Of)

This divorce between Mary J and Kendu Isaacs has been pretty messy and Mary has certainly sang about and talked her pain in what happened but Kendu has been very quiet.  Until now…sort of…  Last night Kendu penned a quick letter to Mary J asking her to stop airing their dirty laundry and come and… Read more »

Mary J Blige’s Ex Wants Spousal Support

I knew this was coming…Kendu  Issacs  wants spousal support from Mary J Blige, which also means things could get messy.  According to the Hip Hollywood Kendu filed his response to her divorce petition and in it he wants her to pay his legal fees and spousal support. Read More Here