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Scandal Recap: Evil Cyrus is Back!

Scandal Recap: Evil Cyrus Is Back!   Scandal was good last night.  I was glad to finally see Cyrus back to his old evil self.  For a minute I thought they had made his role too soft, and that made Cyrus a little boring.  Not any more.  Cyrus is EVIL!!! Plus now he is going… Read more »

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Kerry Washington Ends Scandal By Giving Cast Mattresses And Wine

Kerry Washington ends scandal by giving cast mattresses and wine.  What??  I know that sounds funny but when you read below you will understand why these are the perfect gifts. She also gave the cast and crew sneakers and books as parting gifts.  They sometimes had to work 16 hour days so getting some sleep… Read more »

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Kerry Washington Secures Next Project After Scandal

Kerry Washington secures next project after scandal.  I was wondering what Kerry Washington would do movie and television wise after Scandal and it looks like she will not let any grass grow under her feet.  She has signed on with Reese Witherspoon to executive product and star in a new television series titled “Little Fires… Read more »

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Kerry Washington’s Nnamdi Asomugha Lands Movie Role

Kerry Washington’s Husband Nnamdi Asomugha lands movie role.  The movie Crown Heights which opens in theater’s for a limited release on Friday.  The film has already won rave reviews at Sundance Film Festival stars Asomugha playing a Brooklyn, New York man who is wrongly accused of murder.  Good for you Mr. Asomugha!  Now people can… Read more »

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Kerry Washington Welcomes Baby Boy

Congratulations to Kerry Washington and her husband Nnamdi Asomugha.  They are now the proud parents of a baby boy, Caleb Kelechi Asomugha who was born on October 5th.  They are also the parents of their daughter 2 year old Isabelle. Read More Here

Olivia and Jake Bring Sexy Back On Scandal

Alright Gladiators…Scandal is back on the airwaves on February 11th!   This time around, it looks like Olivia and that sexy Jake will be back in each other’s arm’s, which as far as I’m concerned is where she belongs. Why? Because Jake is fine, sexy, and single!!! Check Out The Trailer Here

Scandal And How To Get Away Murder Recap

In case you had to work last night or had another engagement, Here is the run of what happened last night on Scandal and How to get away with murder. Juicy Stuff! Read Here

Shonda Rhimes on How She Lost 117lbs.

If you have seen Shonda Rhimes these day’s you’ll notice that she is slimmer.  A lot slimmer.  How about 117 lbs. slimmer. Now the real question is – how did she do it?   Did she have surgery? Liposuction? Now she says she did it the old fashioned way.  Diet and Exercise…  Yes you must click… Read more »

Shonda Rhimes Talks About 100 LB. Weight Loss

Shonda Rhimes is one powerful women that to seems to have it all.  But in reality we know that no one really has it all.  We  have challenges in our lives like getting the kids through college, paying some bills, getting the car repaired, losing weight,  you get the picture.  Well Shonda recently lost 100 pounds… Read more »

Scandal Season 5 Update!

I know we still have a couple of weeks (exactly 17 days to be exact) before “Scandal” returns but I am ready for my Gladiator fix.  Shonda Rhimes says it will be back to the whole team working together again, on Season 5, and I am all for that, because last season was a lot… Read more »