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Kevin Hart to Host Competition Series TKO

Kevin Hart to host competition series TKO.  Kevin Hart is coming to the small screen on a competition series called TKO (Total Knock Out) on CBS.  The show will pit actors and comedians against competitors trying to thwart their attempts.  Kevin Hart is so perfect for this.  The show will make its debut this summer…. Read more »

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Plans To Be a Billionaire

Kevin Hart plans to be a billionaire.  He is 38 years old right now and wants to accomplish this by the time he is 45.   Wow…Now that’s a strong statement.  Kevin Hart is a hustler.  He spoke at Variety’s Summit and said his plan is to be a major mogul. He says it about… Read more »


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Gets $20M For Next Film

Dwayne “The Rock Johnson” gets $20M for next film.  Yep not only is he fine as wine, he is rich as hell to.  His movies are making money.  His last movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle with Kevin Hart grossed $850 million world wide. He was the highest paid actor in 2016. (I wonder what Kevin… Read more »

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Has New Animated Series Lil Kev Coming

Kevin Hart has new animated series Lil Kev coming.  Kevin Hart is expanding his empire.  He now has a new animated series called Lil Kevin coming to FOX.  He will voice the title character, along with Wanda Sykes, Keith Roberson, and Michael Price. Read here

Kevin Hart

Eniko Hart Lets Kevin Know Whose The Boss Is

Eniko Hart lets Kevin know whose boss.  I love when people can take a negative situation and make something positive and funny out of it.  This being the Kevin Hart infidelity situation where Kevin got caught with his pants down. Kevin is getting for his “Irresponsible Tour” and his wife has a little surprise for… Read more »

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The Rock For President?

The Rock For President?  I’m not sure if this true, but the rumors have been circulating.  I was thinking this move may be to promote his movie Jumanji, which will be in theaters this Wednesday, or he really wants to be President.  Is he qualified?  If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that… Read more »

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Sex Tape Released On The Internet

Kevin Hart sex tape released on the internet.  Well we’ve been talking about it all week, and now the sex tape is out and on the internet.  Man what a hot mess this is for Kevin Hart and his family.  I don’t know what the outcome of this mess will be for him but I… Read more »

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Issues Public Apology To Wife

Kevin Hart issues public apology to wife.  Why you ask?  Because according to ETOnline someone has a video of Kevin getting cozy with another women.  Kevin went to Instagram to tell his wife and kids he is sorry, because someone trying to extort money from him.  It looks like that someone is the woman Kevin was with.  … Read more »


Usher Swarmed By Women At Kevin Hart Charity

Usher swarmed by women at Kevin Hart Charity.   Say what you want about Usher, but he will always have a way with women.  I personally do not like the way he has been treated by the press lately with all of the Herpes accusations, even though he may be guilty of cheating on his… Read more »

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Launching Laugh Out Loud Comedy Network

Kevin Hart launching Laugh out Loud Comedy Network.  The man is unstoppable!  From movies to fitness, stopping to take time to get married, and now he and his wife have a baby on the way he is definitely a American Success story.  Now it was just announced that Kevin Hart is launching his laugh out… Read more »