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Kim Zolciak Wants Smaller Breast Implants

Kim Zolciak wants smaller breast implants.  I’m not surprised.  It looks like this hot craze of getting breast implants and but injections is starting to cool down.  Kim has had so much surgery this comes as no surprise.  Kim says that it’s heavy carrying those DD’s around, so she wants them reduced to a C… Read more »


Kim Zolciak Has Stopped Filming Tardy For The Party

Kim Zolciak has stopped filming Tardy For the Party.  Sources are saying Kim is still so very upset at how things went down at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.  I know people love this show but it seems to destroy relationships.  Is the price of fame worth it?  A lot of people were upset… Read more »

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey Recovering From Emergency Surgery

Cynthia Bailey recovering from emergency surgery,  Yep, our real housewife of Atlanta, (one of my favorite housewives) is recovering from emergency surgery she had to remove a tumor from her back.  The tumor was not cancerous and she is recovering and doing much better. Read here

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Kim Zolciak And Kroy Bierman Headed For Divorce?

I don’t know if it this is true but if it is it’s sad because I really like them as a couple.  When I first heard Kroy had been cut by the Atlanta Falcons, and then the Buffalo Bills, I wondered if this would be the beginning of the end of their marriage because  These female… Read more »


Kim Zolciak Kicked Off Dancing With The Stars

Well she got what she wanted…I think.  Kim Zolciak got kicked off Dancing With The Stars!  Sometimes all that glitters ain’t gold.  If you want to get on Dancing With The Stars, you need to know that the pace is grueling.  Rehearsals can be 8 hours a day, and you get blisters, lots of soreness and… Read more »