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Lil Kim Baby Daddy Begs to See Daughter

Lil Kim baby daddy begs to see daughter.  Mr. Paper’s is pleading with Lil Kim to see their daughter.  So much that he wrote a rap song about it.  In it he raps about missing his little girl, the legal problems connected with it.  They broke up in because Mr. Papers couldn’t remain faithful. Read… Read more »

Lil’ Kim Gets Stuck In An Elevator

I have always been afraid of getting stuck in a elevator. Especially if the elevator is moving really slow.  Well Lil’ Kim and her entourage got stuck in a elevator for 20 minutes in New York after performing a concert with Faith Evans, Carl Thomas and Ma$e.  She was rescued and so far no comment from… Read more »

Lil Kim’s Mansion In Danger Of Foreclosure…Again

It looks like no matter how rich and famous you are, financial problems can touch us all.  Lil Kim is in trouble with losing her mansion…again and she’s in trouble with the IRS. When you become  famous in the entertainment business  you have to learn how to manage your money on your own.  There is not… Read more »

Little Kim’s Ex Boyfriend Convicted of Six Counts of Murder

It’s the end of the World as he knows it. A Brooklyn jury convicted murderous drug kingpin Damion (World) Hardy of all counts Wednesday, guaranteeing the ex-boyfriend of rapper Lil’ Kim will spend the rest of his life in prison. Hardy, 40, was found guilty of ordering six murders and a slew of drug trafficking,… Read more »