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U.S. Festival to Become First to Sell Weed On-Site

U.S. Festival to Become First to Sell Weed On-Site What?? Now that I don’t partake in smoking marijuana anymore, look what’s happening… For the first time in American music history, a music festival held inside the United States will allow patrons to use marijuana.  It’s no surprise that this first is happening in San Francisco… Read more »

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Lil Wayne Does NOT Like Fake Booties

Lil Wayne does not like fake booties.   In a world where fake booties are celebrated, (particularly in the Hip Hop world) Lil Wayne is speaking out against fake booties.   He says they look good, but all that glitters ain’t gold… Read here

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Lil Wayne to Perform on Saturday Night Live

Lil Wayne to perform on Saturday Night Live.  Saturday Night Live announced the host and musical guest for their November 10th show. The musical guest will be Lil Wayne and the host will be “Ray Donovan” Liev Schreiber. In 2008 Lil Wayne performed as a solo artist on SNL and in 2010 he performed as… Read more »

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Lil Wayne Settles Cash Money Lawsuit for 10 Million

Lil Wayne settles Cash Money Lawsuit for 10 million.  Finally Lil Wayne has settled with Birdman and Universal Music Group for what he has been saying is his fair share of money owed to him and a chance to walk away from the label that made him famous.  Now he can record Tha Carter V…. Read more »

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Lil Wayne Is Not The Father of Alleged 16 Year Old

Lil Wayne is not the father of alleged 16 year old.  I know Lil Wayne is breathing a sigh of relief after finding out that the woman who has been accusing him of fathering her 16 year old son is not his.  She was the one who pushed the courts to make Lil Wayne take… Read more »

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Lil Wayne Denies Fathering 15 Year Old Child

Lil Wayne denies fathering 15 year old child.  Paternity test anyone?  It looks like that’s what it may come down to because Lil Wayne says he did not father a 15 year old boy that he was ordered to pay child support for last year.  One thing about Lil Wayne and that is he always… Read more »

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Lil’ Wayne Hospitalized For Multiple Seizures

Lil’ Wayne hospitalized for multiple seizures.  Yes according to TMZ Lil Wayne was found unconscious in his Chicago Hotel Room.  He seemed to be doing fine, not having any seizures for about a year  when he went to the hospital for seizures yesterday.  I know this has to be very hard on him and I… Read more »


T.I. To Lil Wayne: Stop Disrespecting Yourself

T.I. has some powerful words for Lil Wayne after Lil Wayne’s remarks regarding “Black Lives Matter”.  Lil Wayne got a lot of flack for his remarks during a recent interview which is the reason T.I. wrote a open letter to Lil Wayne telling him to stop the buffoonery and cooning, come down from your bubble,… Read more »