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Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon Says His Woman Will Not Have to Work

Nick Cannon says his woman will not have to work.  Nick Cannon got everyone’s attention after an interview he did with VladTV where he said that he would financially take care of any woman he’s dating if she didn’t want to work. Many responded to the comment saying that a “man should do that anyway,”… Read more »

Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper is Putting a Ring on it

Chance the Rapper is putting a ring on it.  Yes Chance the Rapper got on one knee yesterday and asked his baby mama Kirsten Corey to marry him in front of family and friends at a family backyard BBQ and she said yes!  They have a 2 year old daughter Kensli.  Watch the video of… Read more »

Leela James

Leela James Gets Married

Leela James Gets Married.  Congratulations!   Leela James quietly got married this past weekend.  Leela who is a very private person did not reveal the name of her husband.  She only shared a couple of pictures from her wedding with the public.  She is one beautiful bride.  When she sings “Falling” we can now see… Read more »


Why DJ Khaled Won’t Give Oral Sex on Women

Why DJ Khaled won’t give oral sex on women.  Ok touchy subject, but one worth talking about.  DJ Khaled made the statement saying pretty much that his woman is expected to perform oral sex on him but now him performing oral sex on her.  There were also a couple of other points he made that… Read more »

Jill Scott

Jill Scott: Nothing Will Stop Me From Believing In Love

Jill Scott: Nothing will ever stop me from believing in love.  My girl Jilly from Philly Jill Scott says she still believes in the power of love.  Her first divorce was in 2007, and after that she broke up with her baby daddy, and now Jill is getting divorced from her current husband Mike Dobson… Read more »