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Madea Family Funeral Trailer (Watch)

Madea Family funeral trailer (Watch)  You probably heard that Tyler Perry Announced that his next Madea Family Funeral will be his last as Madea movie.  Noooo!!  We need our Madea.  Watch the trailer below, because from what I can see, Madea may not be going anywhere.

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry Is Ending His Madea Franchise

Tyler Perry is ending his Madea Franchise.  What?? Yep I know he is out promoting Nobody’s Fool but he also just announced he will be ending the Madea Franchise in 2019, pretty much saying he is tired and he is killing the old b—h off. (His words not mine lol)  Yes he says the last… Read more »

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry Praises Geoffrey Owens Work on His TV Show

Tyler Perry praises Geoffrey Owens work on his TV show.  I love this story.  We all know that actor Geoffrey Owens from the Cosby show was working at Trader Joe’s (where I love to shop by there by the way) when his picture was taken and splashed across social media.  Tyler Perry was one of… Read more »

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry Teddy Riley to Receive Walk of Fame Stars

Tyler Perry Teddy Riley to receive Walk of Fame Stars.  Well alright! It was just announced that Tyler Perry, Teddy Riley and more will receive their Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars in 2019.  Other famous names to receive stars include, Terrance Howard, Cedric the Entertainer, and Lupita Nyong’o.  This is when you know you made… Read more »

Boo A Madea Halloween #1 At Box Office For 2nd Week

When I first saw the previews for this movie, I started laughing and knew that Tyler Perry had done it again.  I haven’t gone to see it yet (I will this week) but with all of the turmoil this election is bringing, it is a welcome relief to see a movie that is scary and… Read more »

Tyler Perry Developing Washington DC TV Series

Look out here he comes!  Tyler is developing a new TV series about life in the State Capitol.  Now you know it’s going to be full of drama, and though it has not even been cast yet, I know I will be watching! Yes there is room for another “Scandal” type television show and Tyler… Read more »

Tyler Perry To Narrate “The Passion” Tonight On Fox

Tonight, Tyler Perry will host the modern day version of “The Passion” on Fox.  He says this story is for believers and non believers. It’s the modern day story of the day the Jesus Christ was born.  I know I will be watching. Read More Here

Tyler Perry Says Feud Rumors With Oprah Are False

Tyler Perry and Oprah are still thick as thieves, as far as he is concerned.  Rumors were flying earlier in the week saying the two were having creative differences, but let’s get real, who doesn’t have creative differences when you are working closely together. We all have different perspectives in the world and even if it’s… Read more »

Tyler Perry on Racism and Owning It in Hollywood

I love that Tyler Perry is always willing to share his knowledge when it comes to his experiences in the movie business. He said the difference between working in the South, and working in Hollywood is in the South, people will tell you they don’t like your ass, but it Hollywood people are not as… Read more »