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Matthew Knowles

Matthew Knowles & Wife Celebrate 6 Yr. Anniversary

Matthew Knowles & wife celebrate 6 year anniversary.  I forgot Matthew Knowles is even married.  Yes he is and today he and his wife Gena are celebrating 6 years of marriage.  Of course the marriage a lot of us remember, is his marriage to Beyoncé and Solange’s mom, the beautiful Tina Knowles who has also… Read more »

Matthew Knowles

Destiny’s Child Musical Coming Soon

Destiny’s Child Musical Coming Soon.  Matthew Knowles has announced that he is working on a Destiny’s Child Musical and his plan is to present the musical in Houston before hopefully taking the show to Broadway.  A lot of people are already thinking…Here we go Matthew Knowles trying to cash in on the Destiny Child legacy. … Read more »


Beyonce Still One of the Highest Paid Women in Music

Beyoncé still one of the highest paid women in music.  Forbes has released their list of highest female earners in music, coming in at number 10 is Britney Spears with $30 million, Rihanna hits the list at number 7 making $37.5 million. Number 6 is Jennifer Lopez who earned $47 million, Lady Gaga comes in… Read more »


Tina Knowles Took Her Daugthers To Counseling

Tina Knowles took her daughter to counseling.  I admit I am a fan of Tina Knowles.  She is a strong and beautiful women who has been there to see her daughter’s achieve fame, she went through her ex husband Matthew affairs and fathering other children, with grace and dignity and now she has come forward… Read more »

Matthew Knowles Working Destiny’s Child Projects

Well it looks like Matthew Knowles is working on some Destiny’s Child projects, and according to him, something could happen in the next couple of years. There’s only one problem.  Will Beyoncé, Michelle, and Kelly work with Matthew again?   Now that Beyoncé is a superstar, will she make time for a Destiny’s Child reunion.  Read… Read more »

Matthew Knowles

Matthew Knowles Writes Book on Success

When it comes to Matthcw Knowles, he may have had a lot of Baby Mama Drama but when it comes to being successful, and guiding the career’s of great artist he is your man. Now he has a new book out to share some of his success secrets. Read More