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Meek Mill Cancels White House Visit

Meek Mill cancels White House Visit.  Meek Mill had agreed to visit the White House to discuss Prison Reform with President Trump, but according to TMZ a late night call from Jay Z convinced Meek Mill to do otherwise.  Jay Z told him a visit to the White House right now would be problematic for… Read more »

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Meek Mill Says Jay Z Quietly Spent Millions on His Legal Fees

Meek Mill says Jay Z quietly spent millions on his legal fees.  Wow…I knew that Meek Mill is an artist on Jay Z Roc Nation label but to have spent major money (millions) on Meek Mills legal defense is something special.  Meek Mill said he doesn’t know what he would have done because he could… Read more »

Meek Mill

Meek Mill Will Not be Released From Prison

Meek Mill will not be released from prison.   Yes according to Meek Mill will not be released as people had hoped.  His lawyers are saying they have no knowledge of him being released.  This all started after Twitter and other social media went wild with rumors that Meek would be released on Monday. … Read more »


Mariah Carey Rents Nicki Minaj’s Former Home

Mariah Carey rents Nicki Minaji’s former home for $35K per month.   Wow money talks and Mariah has plenty of it.  $35,000 a month for rent??  Some of us can make $35,000 work for a whole year if we have to.  This massive home was the former love nest for Nicki and Meek Mill when… Read more »

Nicki Minaj Refuses Appearance On Real Housewives Of NY

Not everyone wants to be on a Reality Show.  Mariah Carey’s reality show “Mariah’s World” debuts tonight on E television, but it looks like Nicki Minaj wants no part of the Reality TV circus.  Some artist just want to make good music and be left alone.  Nicki was out with her boyfriend Meek Mill and while… Read more »