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Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Leaving America’s Got Talent

Tyra Banks leaving America’s Got Talent.  Not a surprise to me.  Tyra says she may be leaving to concentrate on a massive project.  Tyra is a mover and shaker in Hollywood who I always thought would only be on America’s Got Talent for a short while.  Tyra got thangs to do! Read here

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy Caring For Daughter While Mel B Recovers

Eddie Murphy caring for daughter while Mel B recovers.  Mel B and Eddie Murphy’s daughter Angel is living with Murphy in Los Angeles while Mel recovers from emergency surgery on two broken ribs. A source tells US Weekly, “Angel is very well cared for. Eddie and Angel have been spending a lot of time together… Read more »

Mel B

Mel B Writing Book But Can’t Talk About Eddie Murphy

Mel B writing book but can’t talk about Eddie Murphy.  What???  no juicy tidbits on Eddie Murphy? Yes Eddie’s team put a gag order on Mel B writing in her book “Brutally Honest” preventing her from writing anything about their relationship,  You may remember back in 2007 Mel B and Eddie broke up and Eddie… Read more »

Mel B

Mel B Diagnosed With Dyslexia

Mel B Diagnosed with Dyslexia.  Mel B was recently diagnosed with dyslexia, and she said before she found out what it was, she thought her brain was wired differently.  That had to be scary, not being able to read and not knowing what it was.  She says it was very hard trying to memorize lyrics… Read more »

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah To Replace Mel B on AGT?

Queen Latifah to replace Mel B on AGT?  It’s possible…According to the website and TMZ Mel may be replaced on America’s Got Talent because she is bumping heads with producers and creating drama on the set. If all of this is true they will have one huddle.  Queen Latifah is under contract to the… Read more »

Mel B

Mel B to Pay Ex $500,000 In Divorce Settlement

Mel B to pay ex $500,000 in divorce settlement.  Yep that’s according to TMZ.  I’m sure she just wants to get the whole thing over with.  There was so much drama with this break up that Mel is probably paying him to just go away.  She also has to pay another $200,000 in attorney fees…. Read more »