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Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Turned Down $1M Deal

Michael Jordan Turns Down $1M Deal.  He turned it down because the Client Wanted Him to Say a Silly Phrase. A 1992 interview with Michael Jordan has resurfaced between Michael Jordan and Playboy magazine. In the interview, Jordan said he turned down an offer from Quaker Oats because they wanted him to say a phrase… Read more »

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan’s Dad’s Killer Says He Didn’t Do It

Michael Jordan’s dad says he didn’t do it.  Daniel Green convicted killing Michael Jordan’s dad and who is serving a life sentence.  He is now speaking out saying, yes he was there when Michael Jordan’s dad, but he did not pull the trigger.  What??  Find out who he says did pull the trigger… Read more… Read more »


Tiger Woods Late Dad Played Porn 24/7 Book Says

Tiger Woods late dad played porn 24/7.  There is a book coming out about Tiger Woods that says he got his cheating ways from his father Earl who had sex toys stuffed in every drawer and played porn around the house 24/7.  What???  Talk about a hot mess.  This book is telling all kinds of… Read more »

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Gives 7 Million To Open Medical Clinics

Michael Jordan gives 7 million to open medical clinics.   Yes Michael is certainly putting his money where his mouth is.  He is donating his money to help two medical clinics in troubled communities in his hometown of Charlotte North Carolina.  It is also one of the largest donations from the basketball legend.  Mr. Jordan… Read more »