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Mo’Nique Sues Netflix for Racial Discrimination

Mo’Nique is suing Netflix!  Yes she is suing for racial discrimination and gender discrimination.   This is not just a rumor, because she confirmed on social media.  She said she could not accept what she felt was pay discrimination, and was standing up for those who came before her and after her.  She is referring to… Read more »

Mo'Nique Responds

Mo’Nique Announces Las Vegas Residency

Mo’Nique announces Las Vegas Residency.  Mo’Nique has had a year filled with drama losing gigs (Netflix) and battles with Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels and yes Oprah.  In spite of it all she and her husband just kept trucking along, and now it looks like it may be paying of for the Oscar winning comedian.  Beginning… Read more »


Mo’Nique Cardi B is Helping Me Dance off the Pounds

Mo’Nique: Cardi B is helping me dance off the pounds. Mo’Nique is looking so good! I don’t know the exact amount weight she has lost but what ever it is it is working. She has been very vocal about her weight loss and I know from experience it is not a easy journey. Below Mo’Nique… Read more »


Housewives of Potomac’s Michael Darby Charged With Sexual Assault

Housewives of Potomac’s Michael Darby charged with sexual assault.  What???  This is some strange stuff.  Michael Darby husband to cast member Ashley Darby has been charged with sexual assault for grabbing a camera man’s behind during filming.  What??  Didn’t anybody learn anything from the Terry Crews situation??  If this is true, all I can say… Read more »

Mo'Nique Responds

Mo’Nique Responds to Lee Daniels

Mo’Nique responds to Lee Daniels.  Mo’Nique will not quiet down.  She is speaking up first about the rumor that she got a $10 Million Netflix deal, and second to Lee Daniels telling her to shut up.  Do you think that Mo’Nique speaking out is the reason she is not getting work in Hollywood or do… Read more »


MoNique Celebrates Weight Loss

Monique celebrates weight loss.  Yay some good news from MoNique.  MoNique has been on her weight loss journey for quite some time, and has been losing weight and looking fabulous.  Now she has announced that she weighs under 200 pounds for the first time in her life. Go MoNique!  It nice to hear some positive… Read more »


Mo’Nique: Whoopi Goldberg Blames My Husband

Mo’Nique: Whoopi Goldberg blames my husband.  Uh Oh here we go again.  You may have seen by now Mo’Nique’s appearance on The View last week and her and Whoopi going back and forth on the politics of Hollywood and why she was not getting hired for more work.  Now Mo’Nique is saying that Whoopi Goldberg… Read more »

India Arie

India Arie Defends Mo’Nique

India Arie defends Mo’Nique.  India says we may not agree with Mo’Nique’s approach but she says she is not wrong.  Pretty much India is saying that us as black women are not being paid as much as our counter parts and it is just wrong.  She says its a struggle, which we all know just… Read more »


Mo’Nique Calls Oprah Fake

Mo’Nique  calls Oprah Fake.   Mo’Nique will be here in the Metroplex on March 31st for the April fool’s comedy jam, and we know she will be addressing a lot of the things we have been seeing in the press and social media.  Her most recent beef has been with Netflix about not getting her… Read more »


Whoopi Goldberg and Mo’Nique Clash On The View

Whoopi Goldberg and Mo’Nique Clash on The View.  Yep I saw the show yesterday when Mo’Nique who is beefing with Netflix, starting also complaining about her past issue with Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Oprah saying she was punished by them when they worked together on Precious, the movie that won Mo’Nique a Academy Award. … Read more »