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Mr. Obama

Mr. Obama Returning to Politics

Mr. Obama returning to politics.  I just wish he could be President again, but at least he will get out and campaign for others.  For the last year former President Barack Obama has worked under the radar but now it is being reported that he will be returning to the political stage as he campaigns… Read more »


Omarosa May Get Fired from The White House

Omarosa may get fired from the White House.  What??  In my opinion she is not adding any value in the way of relationships with the Black Commuity in her position as Director of Communication for the office of Public Liaison.  Inside sources say she is messy and Chief of Staff John Kelly had limited her access… Read more »

President Obama Imposes Harsh Sanctions On Russia For Hacking

President Obama was not playing when he said he would strike back at Russia for the hacking that took place during the election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Russia of course has been denying any involvement with the hacking, but so much proof has shown otherwise.  Russia is not happy with this move. Read… Read more »