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T.I. Bow Wow

T.I. Rips Bow Wow Over Ciara Disrespect

T.I. Rips Bow Wow Over Ciara Disrespect T.I. decided to give a little tough love to Bow Wow after he called his ex Ciara a “B-” while on stage at a nightclub. In a video posted on Instagram, Tip is seen chastising Bow Wow for his comments saying, “You can’t do that.” Bow Wow tried… Read more »


Nelly Wants Assault Accuser to Remove Cloak of Anonymity

Nelly wants assault accuser to remove cloak of anonymity.  Nelly wants a woman who accused him of sexual assault to face the consequences of her allegations. He wants the woman who is going by “Jane Doe” to remove the “cloak of anonymity” He recently filed court documents in Missouri for the sexual assault lawsuit to… Read more »


Nelly Mad at His Dad For Posing With Ex Ashanti

Nelly mad at his dad for posing with Ashanti.  Ouch.  I always liked Nelly and Ashanti together.  They broke up several years ago, and Nelly may still be a little salty with his ex.  He is definitely not happy with his dad right now.  It looks like Ashanti had a concert in St. Louis and… Read more »

Nelly's Girlfriend

Nelly Rape Accuser Hospitalized For Emotional Distress

Nelly Rape Accuser hospitalized for emotional distress.  I’m not surprised. Monique Green the young lady who accused Nelly of rape is stressed out.  So much her friends were concerned enough to take her to the hospital.  She suing Nelly for sexual assault and defamation and Nelly in turn has counter sued. Read Here

Ashanti Says Producer Asked Her To Shower With Him

Ashanti says producer asked her to shower with him.  With the #Metoo movement going full steam ahead, Ashanti is the latest celebrity to come forward with her experience with a producer who wanted her to shower with him and when she refused he charged her $45K to produce the track they were working on.  She… Read more »


Nelly Under Criminal Investigation For Sexual Assault in England

Nelly under criminal investigation for sexual assault in England.   Oh no!! say it ain’t so… According to Nelly has another sexual assault case on his hands.   This allegedly went down on December in Essex after his performance.  This is getting to be to much…Read below to see how this allegedly happened.. Read… Read more »

Nelly's Girlfriend

Nelly’s Girlfriend Says No Rape Happened

Nelly’s Girlfriend says no rape happened.   Shantel Jackson, Nelly’s girlfriend says the alleged rape never happened because she was there on there the whole time.  In her statement she the first thing she says is “I know he f—– up and they are working onn   Now is she really telling the truth, or… Read more »


Nelly Rape Victim Has Unusual Request For Judge

Nelly rape victim has unusual request for judge.  Wow I have never heard of a request like this.  One thing for sure.  Women are standing up for themselves and not taking this assault mess sitting down.  Check this out. The woman who accused Nelly of raping her has gone to court and asked a judge… Read more »


Nelly Rape Accuser Wants to Drop Charges

Nelly Rape Accuser Wants To Drop Charges.   Yes according to Page 6 the woman who is accusing Nelly of rape on a Seattle tour bus last week says she does not want to pursue the rape charges against him.  Why?  Her attorney says it’s because the woman believes the system will fail her.  Is… Read more »


Nelly Denies Rape Allegations

Nelly denies rape allegations saying y’all know I didn’t do no dumb s*** like this.  Nelly took to social media to deny the rape allegations against him saying he is the target and he will fight to the finish.  Little details are known at this time, and my thought is when you are on a… Read more »