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MoNique Celebrates Weight Loss

Monique celebrates weight loss.  Yay some good news from MoNique.  MoNique has been on her weight loss journey for quite some time, and has been losing weight and looking fabulous.  Now she has announced that she weighs under 200 pounds for the first time in her life. Go MoNique!  It nice to hear some positive… Read more »


Wanda Sykes Supports Mo’Nique Against Netflix

Wanda Sykes supports Mo’Nique Netflix.  Last week a lot of conversations took place on whether we as African Americans would support Mo’Nique and honor her request to boycott Netflix for offering her $500,000 to do a comedy special with them while offering Amy Schumer, 12 million, and Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle 20 million each. … Read more »


Mo’Nique Elaborates on Netflix Boycott

Mo’Nique elaborates on Netflix boycott. Her video went viral of Mo’Nique asking everyone to boycott Netflix because they only offered her $500,000 to do a comedy special when Amy Schumer got 12 million and Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle got $20 million.  At first I thought, $500,000 was a lot of money but after hearing… Read more »