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Jay Z

Jay-Z Defends NFL Deal:

Jay-Z Defends NFL Deal: ‘This Is More Than’ Colin Kaepernick ‘Not Having a Job’ Jay-Z and NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell held a joint press conference at the Roc Nation office to discuss their new entertainment and community activism partnership. Jay -Z : I think we forgot that Colin’s whole thing was to bring attention to… Read more »

jay z

NFL Partners With Jay-Z and Roc Nation

NFL Partners With Jay-Z And Roc Nation Realizing that they needed to do more to support the causes near and dear to the hearts of its players, the NFL started Inspire Change, putting up to $89 million over six years behind the initiative. To help “strengthen community through music,” the league has partnered with Jay-Z… Read more »

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson Gives Teammates $12,000 in Amazon Stock Each

Russell Wilson gives teammates $12,000 in Amazon Stock each.  See this is another reason to love Russell Wilson.  He is spreading the love now that he has signed that multi million dollar deal with the Seattle Seahawks.  He is such a classy guy he even sent each offensive player a letter explaining why he gave… Read more »


Nike Selling Out Since Colin Kaepernick Ad

Nike’s gamble continues to pay off for them in a big way. Nike has now sold 61% more merchandise since the Colin Kaepernick ad came out. Research shows that Nike has sold more merchandise between September 3 and September 13 than in the 10 days before the ad came out. Nike’s shares have rebounded after… Read more »

Colin Kaepernick and Ava DuVernay Team Up For Comedy TV Show

Colin Kaepernick and Ava DuVernay team up for comedy TV show.  Wow I didn’t see this one coming, but I like it so far.  Get this…According to thatgrapejuice,net Ava and Colin are collaborating on a television show together about his life growing up as a teenager.  I think it’s great.  If they won’t employ him… Read more »

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut to Replace Papa John as NFL Sponsor

Pizza Hut to replace Papa John as NFL sponsor.  Change is in the air and it certainly shows with Pizza Hut taking over to replace Papa John’s as the NFL pizza sponsor.    The NFL will work closely with Pizza Hut to ensure a good positive relationship.  Of course after the outspoken statements by former … Read more »


T.O. Says He Is Blackballed From NFL Like Kaepernick

T.O. says he is blackballed for NFL like Kaepernick.  You know T.O. has never been quiet when he has something to say, whether you agree with him or not.  Now he saying that he and Colin Kaepernick have something in common when it comes to their careers.  He says the two of them are being… Read more »


NFL Says Players Must Stand During National Anthem

NFL says players must stand during the National Anthem. What started as one man (Colin Kaepernick) got on his knee during the National Anthem to protest the treatment of African American’s by the police.  Other athletes have taken a stand as well, and a lot of people feel it’s being disrespectful.  Well the NFL has issued… Read more »