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Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick Denies Sister Molested Whitney

Dionne Warwick denies sister molested Whitney Houston.  You know when I first heard Whitney’s family claiming that her cousin Dee Dee Warwick molested Whitney Houston, I didn’t believe it.   It seemed convenient to just to add sizzle to the movie.  Both Whitney Houston and Dee Dee Warwick are not around to give their versions… Read more »


Whitney Houston Movie Does Well Opening Weekend

Whitney Houston movie does well opening weekend.  Well from what I heard, the Whitney Houston authorized movie is very good.   I had the thought that is should be a documentary shown on Lifetime or another cable channel, but I may be wrong.  People are going to see this movie and now I want to… Read more »

Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon Arrested For Domestic Violence Again

Nick Gordon arrested for domestic violence again.  This is certainly not a surprise.  Nick Gordon had been keeping a low profile since he recently got a job as a landscaper.  He was arrested for domestic Violence in June of 2017 when his girlfriend Laura Leal reported that Nick had got physical with her but the… Read more »

Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown Settles With TV One

Bobby Brown settles with TV One.  Yes it looks that way.  According to Bobby has settled with TV One and the estate of Bobbi Kristina.  The Bobbi Kristina movie aired on TV One October 8th and Bobby Brown made it clear that he was not happy with the way he was portrayed in the movie.  Personally… Read more »