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Phaedra Parks to Join Braxton Family Values?

Phaedra Parks to join Braxton Family Values?  I’m not sure but that’s what the rumor mill is saying.  According to Miss Phaedra is joining the show as a friend of Traci Braxton, and she’s hinting she has another project coming on television coming as well.  One thing for sure.  You can count on Phaedra… Read more »


Apollo’s Fiancee Slams Phaedra For Keeping Kids Away

Apollo’s fiancee slams Phaedra for keeping kids away.  This one is very personal and tough. Apollo’s finacee Sherien Almufti says Apollo is heartbroken because he cannot see his children while he is in jail.  She says he writes them and sends gifts because he loves them and misses them.  Phaedra on the other hand does… Read more »


Phaedra Parks Sells Atlanta Mansion

Phaedra Parks sells Atlanta Mansion.  The rumors are still swirling about her returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta, (not sure if she is returning) but one thing she has done is unload one of her mansions.  I’m sure having 2 mansions was a little much for her so Phaedra just sold hers for $950,000. … Read more »

Phaedra Parks Renting Mansion for $10,000 A Month

Phaedra Parks renting mansion for $10,000 a month.  According to she is.  She bought the mansion last October for $1.9 million which I am sure she would have used it somewhere in her story line on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but now that she has be released from the show, a home for… Read more »

Phaedra Says She And Her Children Getting Threats

Uh oh Phadera Parks says her and her children are getting death threats as a result of her lying on Kandi and Todd with the drug and rape rumors.  Phaedra is saying the producers set her up and told her the rumor to begin with but on the reunion everyone was done with Phaedra after they found… Read more »

Apollo Seeking Millions From Phaedra In New Divorce Settlement

Uh oh… It’s about to get messy…again.  It looks like Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks are going back to court.  The judge in their divorce case found some discrepancies like Phaedra intentionally misspelling Apollo’s name, and now they are going back to court and Apollo wants to get paid.  She was trying to lock him out… Read more »


Kandi Says Friendship With Phaedra Unrepairable

The Housewife Drama continues.  Kandi Burress who is the highest paid Real Housewives of Atlanta member says her friendship with Phaedra Parks is unrepairable.  I remember when those two were besties for real and I have to admit, I really liked their friendship.  I remember a few seasons back when Ne Ne Leakes referred to them… Read more »

Phaedra Gives Apollo $100K To Help Restitution

Phaedra Parks is going into her pocket book to give some money to Apollo to help him out of his financial situation.  According to Phaedra Parks has agreed to pay $$100K to Apollo to help him cover his 2 million dollar restitution in his criminal case.  It’s part of their divorce settlement.  Phaedra is… Read more »

Apollo Filed For Divorce From Phaedra

What??!!  I thought Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks From The Real Housewives Of Atlanta were already divorced.  Well Phaedra may have lied, which is not surprising to me, because she always seemed a little shady.    Saying she didn’t know about Apollo’s involvement in his schemes of milking people out of their money.  Anyway, sources… Read more »

Apollo Nida Has New Fiancee’?

Apollo Nida will do anything to stay on television.  Now sources are saying he is allegedly engaged to a woman in New Jersey who visits him twice a week and yes this story line will show up on a episode of T,he Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I always thought him and Phadera made a nice… Read more »