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Eva Marcille On Season 10 RHOA?

Eva Marcille On Season 10 RHOA?

Eva Marcille on season 10 RHOA? Yes the former American Top Model Eva Marcille on The Real Housewives of Atlanta?  Ok whose getting the ax?  With Ne Ne coming back (and for a BIG payday) and Kim Zoliak coming back it has to mean somebody has to go…The most vulnerable to be let go would have… Read more »

Kenya Moore

Did Kenya Moore Get Fired On RHOA?

Did Kenya Moore get fired on RHOA?  With Kenya Moore, it’s hard to know what’s fake and what is real.  We saw the pictures of her secret wedding and I personally think this is fake and was created solely  for the camera’s on season 1o of” The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, but I could be wrong.  Next the… Read more »

Phaedra Says She And Her Children Getting Threats

Uh oh Phadera Parks says her and her children are getting death threats as a result of her lying on Kandi and Todd with the drug and rape rumors.  Phaedra is saying the producers set her up and told her the rumor to begin with but on the reunion everyone was done with Phaedra after they found… Read more »


Kandi Says Friendship With Phaedra Unrepairable

The Housewife Drama continues.  Kandi Burress who is the highest paid Real Housewives of Atlanta member says her friendship with Phaedra Parks is unrepairable.  I remember when those two were besties for real and I have to admit, I really liked their friendship.  I remember a few seasons back when Ne Ne Leakes referred to them… Read more »

Kenya Moore Threatens To Shoot Trespassers

Kenya Moore can be a loose cannon at times, but this time I agree with her 100 percent.  You can’t just walk up to someone’s home uninvited and expect a warm welcome.  Obviously some fans did just that and climbed the fence when they couldn’t get through her security and when she opened the door,… Read more »

Phaedra Gives Apollo $100K To Help Restitution

Phaedra Parks is going into her pocket book to give some money to Apollo to help him out of his financial situation.  According to Phaedra Parks has agreed to pay $$100K to Apollo to help him cover his 2 million dollar restitution in his criminal case.  It’s part of their divorce settlement.  Phaedra is… Read more »

Cynthia Bailey

Did Peter Drive A Wedge Between Cynthia and Ne Ne?

I have to admit, I never liked Peter on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and I certainly didn’t like him for Cynthia.  I always thought she deserved someone who treated her better, and not spend her money like it was going out of style.  Peter always seemed to be in Cynthia’s business and even though… Read more »