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Russell Wilson Shares Why He Loves Baby Future So Much

Future Gonna Be Mad Again: Russell Wilson Shares Why He Loves Baby Future So Much In a recent interview, Seattle Seahawk quarterback, Russell Wilson went into loving detail about how much he loves Baby Future, Ciara’s son with rapper Future. He was asked how to make a blended family work. He said, just being there… Read more »


Future Says Russell Wilson Does Whatever Ciara Says

Future says Russell Wilson does whatever Ciara says.  Future definitely has some thought on his ex’s relationship with an NFL quarterback. On an Apple Music conversation, Future speculates that his baby mama Ciara is very controlling over Russell Wilson. Future said, “He do exactly what she tell him to do. He not being a man… Read more »


Ciara Hints Why She Went From Future to Russell Wilson

Ciara hints why she went from Future to Russell Wilson.  I don’t know if you saw the comments made by Slim Thug in the news about Ciara and Russell Wilson’s marriage being fake and called Russell Wilson corny.  Really Slim Thug?  He said he couldn’t see Ciara going from a man with Future’s swag to… Read more »


Ciara and Russell to Bring MLB Team to Portland

Ciara and Russell to bring MLB team to Portland.  It’s a historical move for Ciara being one of the  African American Woman buying into a baseball team.  Russell Wilson is equally excited and tweeted how excited and pumped they are to be part investors and owners of The Portland Diamond Project, an effort to bring… Read more »

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson Coaches Baby Future’s 1st Baseball Game

Russell Wilson coaches Baby Future’s 1st baseball game.  This is so cute.  Ciara and Russell took to their Instagram Page to show the world Baby Future at his first baseball game getting some coaching from Russell.  Russell Wilson is a stand up guy who seems to really love his family.  He is very famous but… Read more »


Ciara Says Future Not Using Visits To See His Son

Ciara says Future not using visits to see his son.  Yes Ciara is blasting Future to step up his daddy game and spend time with his son.  She says in new documents that Future is a no show 37% of the time and cancels at the last minute which screws up her schedule as well. … Read more »

Ciara And Russell Share Work-Out

A family that works out together stays together…(I think)  Honey, that’s what Ciara and her handsome hubby quarterback Russell Wilson are doing and doing it on film.  Ciara being a new mommy and a entertainer who has always looked great, is trimming of that baby weight and making sure to keep those home fires burning.  I admit watching… Read more »

Ciara And Russell Wilson Welcome Baby Girl

Congratulations Ciara and Russell!  Last night Ciara gave birth to a baby girl.  Her name is Sienna Princess Wilson and she weighed 7 lbs and 13 oz.   You know Russell is in trouble now.  First his undeniable love for Ciara and now they have a daughter who I know will be a Daddy’s girl.   Baby… Read more »

What??!! Ciara’s Parent’s Don’t Like Russell??

Ok I don’t know how true this is, but according to, Ciara’s parents don’t like Russell Wilson.  How can that be? We all fell in love with this couple, and they seem to be so good together.  It never dawned on me that her parents, Carlton and Jackie Harris did not approve of Russell and “allegedly”  had… Read more »