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Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin As Trump Thinks Wakanda Is Real (Funny)

Alec Baldwin as Trump thinks Wakanda is real.  If you missed Saturday Night Live you will get a big laugh as usual when Alec Baldwin does his Donald Trump impersonation.  This time its about the school shootings and the really funny part is when he talks about Wakanda like it’s a real place.  Of course… Read more »

Dave Chappell Monolog Addresses Donald Trump

I’m still numb over the election.  I have been so numb, that I had not said a word about my feelings, trying to process how America could make such a decision, and concerned about how this presidential decision will affect us as people of color.  I’ve talked to my friends, my family and I cried… Read more »

Leslie Jones Replaced On Saturday Night Live

I never paid attention to Leslie Jones until I saw her State Farm commercial which I think is so funny.  Then she was everywhere.  Of course her real claim to fame is on Saturday Night Live, but now word is that she is being replaced on the show with a younger African American Male Comedian.  Her… Read more »