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Russell Wilson and Daughter Sierra Does Ballet

Russell Wilson and daughter Sierra does ballet.  Just when you think Russell Wilson has done it all, he goes and does something so adorable.  We have seen what a great father he is with baby Future, and now sharing with us his quality time with his and Ciara’s daughter Sienna by taking a ballet class… Read more »

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson Gives Teammates $12,000 in Amazon Stock Each

Russell Wilson gives teammates $12,000 in Amazon Stock each.  See this is another reason to love Russell Wilson.  He is spreading the love now that he has signed that multi million dollar deal with the Seattle Seahawks.  He is such a classy guy he even sent each offensive player a letter explaining why he gave… Read more »

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson Now Highest Paid Player in NFL

Russell Wilson Now Highest Paid Player in NFL After giving a midnight deadline to the Seahawks, Russell Wilson is staying in Seattle, signing a record-breaking 4-year extension worth $140 million. Wilson is now the highest paid player in the NFL. His deal also comes with a $65 million signing bonus. Wilson made the announcement in… Read more »

Ciara And Russell Share Work-Out

A family that works out together stays together…(I think)  Honey, that’s what Ciara and her handsome hubby quarterback Russell Wilson are doing and doing it on film.  Ciara being a new mommy and a entertainer who has always looked great, is trimming of that baby weight and making sure to keep those home fires burning.  I admit watching… Read more »

Ciara Blamed for Seattle Seahawk Loss

Seattle Seahawk fans are blaming Ciara for them losing that close game against The St. Louis Rams.  People are tweeting ridiculous things like” unlock the box” (because they are choosing to be celibate) and really mean things. Get a life people!!  Ciara being at the game to support HER man did not cause them the… Read more »

Russell Wilson Claims Drinking Water Healed Head Injury

Russell, Russell, Russell…really? NFL quarterback Russell Wilson is the laughing stock of the NFL. He made bizarre claims that he cured his head injury by drinking bottled water. All I know is if it works, then I want some…I wonder does it also help with weight loss to. You find some water that helps with that,… Read more »