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R Kelly

Michael Avenatti Claims to Have a New R Kelly Tape

Michael Avenatti claims to have a new R Kelly Tape.  Attorney Michael Avenatti might have evidence to bring charges against R. Kelly. In a statement released on Thursday, Avenatti claims to have a 45-minute sex tape featuring Kelly and an underaged girl. Avenatti says he was retained by some of R. Kelly’s accusers 10 months… Read more »

R Kelly

R Kelly’s Manager Wanted For Alleged Death Threat

R Kelly’s Manager wanted for alleged death threat.  Uh Oh more trouble for R Kelly.  According TMZ the cops have a warrant for James Mason R Kelly’s manager for allegedly threatening to kill the father of one of R Kelly’s girlfriends.  Remember Papa Savage, the father of Joycelyn Savage who claimed R Kelly was holding… Read more »

Chris Brown sued by woman alleging rape and more

R Kelly’s Music Removed From Spotify’s Playlist

R Kelly’s music removed from Spotify’s playlist.  Uh Oh…The Pressure is mounting for R Kelly.  First a radio station in Detroit removed all of R Kelly’s music from their playlist, now Spotify the music streaming service has just announced that we will no longer be able to find R Kelly’s music on any of their… Read more »