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Master P

Master P Names Top 5 Rappers of All Time

Master P Names His Top 5 Rappers Of All-Time.  During an interview with Nick Cannon, Master P named his top five rappers of all time and the list may raise a eyebrow or two. P started the list with his former No Limit artist, Snoop Dogg. Coming in second was Tupac followed by Biggie Smalls… Read more »

Suge Knight

Suge Knight Transferred to State Prison to Begin Sentence

Suge Knight transferred to State Prison to begin sentence.   Things just got more real for Suge Knight. TMZ reports that Suge has been transferred to Wasco State Prison in California to serve the remainder of his 28-year sentence for manslaughter. After some medical and mental evaluations, it will be determined whether Knight remains there… Read more »

Snoop Dog

Snoop Dog Releases Cook Book

Snoop Dog releases cook book.  Martha Stewart has really rubbed off on Snoop. The rapper turned talk show host has just released his first cookbook. The book titled “From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen” showcases 50 of Snoop’s homegrown cannabis free recipes. Snoop said, “You know it’s blazin’ up in… Read more »

Louis Farrakhan

Minister Louis Farrakhan Has An Album

Minister Louis Farrakhan has released his album, “Let’s Change The World” and with it shows how in touch he is with hip-hop culture and other genres. The album features hip hop heavyweights like Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Common, and more. Plus, features different genres of music that include gospel, jazz, folk, reggae, and opera. The… Read more »

Dr. Dre

Apple Reportedly Pulls Dr. Dre. Biopic

Apple Reportedly pulls Dr. Dre Biopic.  Reports are coming out saying that Apple is pulling back on the Dr. Dre. movie because it is to graphic.  How can the life of Dr. Dre. not be graphic?  They had to know that before they decided to back this project.  There are a lot of scenes in… Read more »

Suge Knight

Suge Knight to Serve 28 Years in Jail

Suge Knight to serve 28 years in Suge Knight has plead no contest to the 2015 murder case of Terry Carter. Knight was accused of running over Carter and Cle “Bone” Sloan during an argument while on the set of Straight Outta Compton. Knight claimed he ran over the men in self-defense. Sloan suffered injuries… Read more »

Snoop Dog

Snoop Dog Threatens George Zimmerman

Snoop Dog threatens George Zimmerman.  George Zimmerman is such a non factor.  You already heard he had the nerve to threaten to feed Jay Z to the alligators over Jay’s Trayvon Martin documentary, which is laughable, and now Snoop Dog has in return threatened George.  Snoop told George he can try it if he wants… Read more »

Snoop Dogg Loses Big In Death Row Bankruptcy Case

Death Row is long gone, but Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog filed claims in the Death Row Bankruptcy case saying that they were owed 2 million (for Snoop) and 8 million for Dr. Dre. but after the smoke cleared neither of them will be awarded a cent. The one hip hop star who “will” get… Read more »

Snoop Dog Detained in Europe With $442,000 Cash

It’s been a tough week for Snoop Dog.  Acccording to HipHollywood Snoop  was stopped in an airport at Calabria, Italy while carrying $422,000 in cash. The max amount of cash you’re allowed to that carry on you while flying within the European Union without declaring it is $11,010. So Snoop was carrying roughly $410,000 more than he… Read more »